Villain Dry Wear Sleeveless Snake Hoodie


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DRY-WEAR Fitness range enhanced with breathable fibers and DRY-WEAR technology

Guaranteed superior comfort with its ultra-light and four-way stretch mechanisms

Available in various designs to suit the personality of the Villain in you

Ideal for the purposes of training, fitness, workout and gymming

Turn up the energy with Villain Snake Hoodie Sando. Lightweight and ultra-absorbent, this hoodie has something for both your strength and style.

Gear up for greatness with the ultra-stretchable and sexy Villain DRYWEAR Fitness Range. Combining the technology of the best of breathable fibers with four-way stretch solutions, this range is perfect for the Villains who know how to look stylish, sexy and strong at the same time. A perfect training attire, choose from this range for all your fitness and gym wear requirements.

Machine Wash Only. Do not bleach or brush.


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Villain Dry Wear Sleeveless Snake Hoodie


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